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Organisation Overview

RIKE-SD Impact investment ecosystem

We are team of change agents that have resolved to change the negative development narratives of Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle, East and North Africa using the instrumentality of Research, innovation, creativity, inventions and discoveries for sustainable community and enterprise development.

Our domain of activities resides with the global Science, Technology and Innovation ecosystem with functional tangential interlinks with various activity sectors of national economies. In practice, we are a body of a pan African not for profit knowledge management enterprise with a clear goal of connecting research and innovation systems to our communities to ensure sustainable development.

But how do we do it? engage crowd resourcing for our projects beyond funding, in tandem with subnational, national, regional, continental and global development agenda …

Our acronym RIKE-SD (Research for Impact, Knowledge Economy & Sustainable Development) is unique and symbolic in the global STI ecosystem because of our innovative strategies of problem solving geared toward society centred connected community development that guarantee sustainable development in our clime. Africa and other developing nations missed out of the millennium development goals due to obvious dysfunctional knowledge management systems and adoption of non-adaptive systems using a copy-and-paste approach. We are determined to aggregate community challenges for citizen research that will have direct impact on the communities.
We are innovating the Polygonal Nexus as a novel approach to ensure both sustainability and impact as the end point. The approach will ensure active recognition and interconnectedness of Government, Academia, Industry, Communities & Funders being the wheels of our progress. We are developing a co-creation platform for all these actors within the RIKE-SD ecosystem to fix the existing gap among these important stakeholders. Primarily, we plan to engage crowd resourcing for our projects beyond funding.
Our activities shall be in tandem with subnational, national, regional, continental and global development agenda in support of government at all levels in achieving collective prosperity of the citizens and residents of our communities. We are retooling the community development leg of the academia tripod while ensuring the mainstreaming of the existing academies in the academia definition. Our work plans to be unveiled during the official launch of this organization in September 2023 is youth centric and gender sensitive. We welcome our global partners for collaboration, co-creation, coordination, consolidation and cooperation in the RIKE-SD Impact investment ecosystem as a sustainable platform for the delivery of Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 among our nations.


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