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Engr. Mansur Ahmed
Engr. Mansur Ahmed
ED. Dangote Group & Ex. President, Manufacturer Association of Nigeria

Hold your applause for the remarkable Engr. Mansur Ahmed, is the visionary leader who has taken the reins as the 10th President of the esteemed Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN). Picture the captivating moment when the National Council and members of MAN united at the 46th Annual General Meeting in Lagos, on that fateful Wednesday, September 26, 2018, to bestow upon him this prestigious honor.

Engr. Mansur Ahmed: Pioneering the Future of Manufacturing in Nigeria

With Dr. Frank Udemba Jacobs, MON's tenure gracefully ending in 2018, the stage was set for Engr. Ahmed to lead the way. Armed with an impeccable track record, he was elected to steer the Association's destiny over the next thrilling four years.

A Journey Paved with Excellence

Engr. Mansur Ahmed's journey to the pinnacle of success has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Armed with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the prestigious Nottingham University, he honed his skills and broadened his horizons with a Masters' degree in Industrial Engineering and Administration from Cranfield Institute of Technology (now Cranfield University) in 1975. But his quest for knowledge didn't stop there – he went on to obtain a post-graduate certificate in Investment Appraisal and Management from the renowned Harvard Institute of International Development.

The impact of his brilliance was felt across the nation. As the pioneer Director-General and CEO of the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission of Nigeria (ICRC), he led the charge to win the coveted Africa Investor PPP Champion of the Year 2010 award. Later, as Director-General of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG), he played a key role in shaping the PPP policy framework for Nigeria, laying the foundation for progress. Championing Innovation and Progress

Engr. Ahmed's illustrious career has been a tapestry of achievements. From his successful tenure at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to his adept management of manufacturing companies like Bagauda Textiles Mills and Kaduna Textiles, he has demonstrated unparalleled leadership acumen. His wisdom has graced the boards of prominent institutions like Union Bank of Nigeria, GlaxoSmithKline Plc, and Savanah Sugar Company Limited.

A true advocate of progress, he has been a prominent voice in various professional associations, including the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Nigerian Institute of Management, and the Institute of Directors of Nigeria. Through his insightful articles, he has delved into crucial issues such as economic reform, energy sector deregulation, corporate governance, and developmental matters.

Engr. Mansur Ahmed's journey is a testament to the power of determination and dedication, inspiring the manufacturing industry to reach new heights. As he leads MAN into the future, his vision promises to forge a path of innovation, prosperity, and growth for Nigeria.

Dr. Harriet Lonka
Dr. Harriet Lonka
Research and Development Specialist. Laurea University, Finland
Prof. Shaibu Oricha Bello
Prof. Shaibu Oricha Bello
Ex. Provost College of Health Sciences, UDUS, Sokoto, Nigeria
Prof. Abubakar Sambo
Prof. Abubakar Sambo
Chairman BOT REEEA-A
Prof. Abdul-Rasheed Na'Allah
Prof. Abdul-Rasheed Na'Allah
Vice Chancellor of the University of Abuja. Nigeria

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