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Our misson

Achieving development impacts by building new knowledge-based economies in communities. Through responsible and responsive utilization of research and innovation outcomes and outputs.

Our Goal

To fast-track sustainable development in Africa using STI & R4D solutions for connecting and achieving global, continental, regional and national development agenda


  1. To lead advocacy and capacity development for innovation systems and research-enabled impact investment
  2. To promote, harness, and mainstream research results and evidence synthesis into policies and practices for state and non-state actors of the African economies
  3. To raise, manage, and warehouse research and innovation funding from partners, collaborators, and funders globally
  4. To support and promote research to impact activities at the graduate and postgraduate levels of tertiary institutions.
  5. To catalyze the building and integration of national quality infrastructure into research practices through the establishment of R4D-led think tanks, communities of practice, and clusters of actors across the activity sectors of African economies.
  6. To support the strengthening, tracking, and development of the national STI ecosystem for impacts, research excellence, global visibility of researchers and their research activities, enhanced institutional ranking, and national competitiveness


Take the right step,
do the big things.

Our Journey ( 2015 - Date )

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